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This is just a developing version...

The Zero Day

It will be an action game RPG, top down shooter, sandbox, construction and more. In which you will be able to immerse yourself in this deep story that has no language.

In the year 3048 after day zero humanity is extinct already many thousands of years ago. Only the robots and some monsters remain. Most robots remember humans as filthy flesh creatures who had short-term ambitions above future consequences. Everything that represents humanity must be destroyed. 

But not all robots agree with this. Since there are robots, the minority, think that human feelings, art, music, love, are something positive and should be remembered.


You only have to touch the 3 targets on the alpha.


WASD - Move

Enter - Enter vehicle

R - Reload

Right Click - Fire

Shift - Run

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Hotbar

T / G - Change Hotbar

About the development of the game

The development is planned in 3 main phases, which represent a fully playable and distributable product.

  1. Version with history mode completed
    1. Contemplates the main mechanics of the game (action RPG, construction, driving vehicles and more)
    2. Behold the main story
  2. Version with completed sandbox mode
    1. Play game in an open world.
    2. Generation of procedural maps.
    3. Dungeons
  3. Version with multiplayer mode
    1. Play with your friends in peace and quiet
    2. Play harcore mode, wars, alliances, raids and more.

We are currently working on the first phase of the history mode.


  • Matías Muñoz Espinoza - Programmer & Game Design
  • Markus Ellisca - Programmer
  • Jonathan Moreno - Programmer
  • Jean Ferreira - Programmer
  • Javier Ocampos - Game Design
  • MG.Pix - Art
  • Avgvsta - Music


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PH - v0.3.0.alpha - Linux 32bits.zip 18 MB
PH - v0.3.0.alpha - Linux 64bits.zip 18 MB
PH - v0.3.0.alpha - Mac.zip 19 MB
PH - v0.3.0.alpha - Windows 64bits.zip 16 MB
PH - v0.3.0.alpha - Windows 32bits.zip 16 MB

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